I make representational paintings, applying formal treatment to seemingly ordinary objects.
The physical craft of painting is, in effect, the foundation of the work’s concept, and the
contrast between treatment and subject is central to it.

Most recently, I have been repurposing found objects, such as collectible figurines and other
knickknacks, as models for still life. Here, the models are Hummels, which I generally find on
eBay. As three-dimensional figurines, these objects are commonplace and decorative.
Repurposed as models, each presents an isolated and readymade sentiment. The resulting
two-dimensional interpretations, painted using the techniques of the Old Masters, heighten the
sentiment, imparting identity that transcends original intent. This effect and the incarnations of
the imagery reshape the narrative and the lines between high and low culture; the inanimate
ultimately becomes animated, and the narrative shifts to the tangled coexistence of humor
and pain, boredom and imagination, truth and fiction.